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Online Backup Free for 1 Year

At Jetxp, we always recommend a good online backup be in your backup plan for your servers and computers. And Carbonite has always been one of our choices for reliably backing up your data. But another backup company called CrashPlan is running a special deal right now where you get 1-year of unlimited backup, Free!

Here is the link with the details:

I am currently testing out CrashPlan on my personal computers, and I have been quite pleased thus far. One great feature that CrashPlan offers is that their utility can not only backup online but also to an external drive or a friend’s computer. It is also easier to select which files you would like to backup. There is also the free app for iPhone or iPad to view all your backed up files.

One last note: CrashPlan got picked for the Best Online Backup Solution from the highly respected WireCutter Blog.

If you don’t yet have an online backup for your business or home computer, 1-year of free online backup is worth trying.

Which One Should I Buy?

This is often the question we face when we are looking to upgrade our computers, printers, phones, TV’s, or any other gadget we use. Walking into Best Buy and seeing the sheer number of options can be a bit daunting. Which is the best one? What will give me the biggest bang for my buck? 

Luckily, Brian over at has done all the heavy lifting for you. He is trusted tech writer who is obsessed with finding the best of the best in gadgets for a good price. You can find everything from which computer to buy, to what camcorder records the best, to what cellphone carrier should you use.

I highly recommend you bookmark the link and save it for the next time you shop for technology.

Learn anything with

The Internet is full of great resources, but half the trouble is finding them and then knowing how to use them. Fortunately, there’s one website that can teach you about all the popular platforms out there, and how to use them.

Meet Grovo

Self-paced, entertaining tutorials on everything from Facebook, Twitter to Gmail and Blogging. Take a Look:

Essential Courses List

Here are some the courses that you should really check out:

Blocking Ads on the Web

As the internet has evolved Ads have become more and more aggressive, even to the point of confusing you into clicking an one that you thought was part of the website. These Ads not only slow down your internet connection, they also can pose a security threat in some extreme cases.

In the video above, I describe a quick and easy technique to eliminate most ads from your browsing experience.

Supported Browsers

The following browsers support adblocking.


Office on the iPad

The iPad can be great for email, internet, and games, but what about when you need to get some real work done? I’d like to show you how to use Microsoft office on your iPad either by using apps to edit the documents or actually using Microsoft Office on your iPad. And two ways of those ways are free!

Cloudbased Apps (Requires Internet)


CloudOn is great because you can use it with your Dropbox. If you have your office documents in your Dropbox you can access them from anywhere on CloudOn.

Onlive Desktop

Onlive is similiar to CloudOn excepted that it puts the full desktop on your iPad. You can still get to Word, Excel and Powerpoint, but you can also browse the internet and even access things that use flash on your ipad

Office Apps

The benefit of using apps that you actually buy and install is that you can use them even when you’re not connected to the Internet.




Using Dropbox

Dropbox is a great way to backup your files, share your files with friends, or share a file that is too big for email. In the video tutorial above, I go over how to install Dropbox and the basics of how to use it. It is an essential tool for anyone who uses their computer quite often.

Sign Up for your free account.

Also for more training on Dropbox take this free course