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Alternative to iOS 6 Maps

For those of us who have upgraded to the latest iOS 6 operating system for the iPhone, or if you have the iPhone 5 you should know by now that Google maps is gone and Apple maps has taken its place.  I am not sure how much you use the maps on your iPhone but I use it quite a bit.  I drive around town a lot going to client sites or sales meetings and Google maps has always gotten me there, although I would argue maybe not always the best route.  I was excited about Apple maps since it has turn by turn directions, which Google maps on the iPone did not have.

Last weekend I got my first chance to really use the new maps for the iPhone when I took my son to visit Baylor college.  The first thing I did was search for a Starbucks on my route so that I could get a cup of coffee before starting the day.  The search did return several Starbucks and I picked one along our route.  As we got close I took the exit and and drove to the intersection to where the Starbucks was showing on my map, however when I got there, there was no Starbucks in site.  I drove around thinking it was close but could not find it.  So I decided to look again at the map and upon closer review I noticed that the location displayed an “approximate location” instead of an actual Starbucks.  Frustrated and running out of time I had to skip it altogether.  Sure maybe I should have looked closer but I was driving and did not want to play with my phone, I just wanted to find a cup of coffee.  I never remember Google maps giving me an approximate location.  


So what can you do if you are stuck with iOS 6 maps?  Well now you can download Scout and get a free year of it premium navigation service for free.

This app claims to have the following features (from their web site):

  • Our 3D turn-by-turn navigation with voice
  • Automatic rerouting if you miss a turn or take a detour
  • Offline navigation for when you drive out of cell coverage
  • Speech recognition
  • Lane Assist, which helps you figure out what lane you should be in
  • Speed Traps & Red Light Camera Alerts
  • Search for the cheapest gas near you

While I am sure that Apple will improve their map application over time, right now I just want something that works.  I have not had a chance to really test Scout yet but will give it a try over the next few days.  I figure either way it cannot hurt to have an extra mapping application on my phone.